Scientists marveled at the almost human intelligence of pigs and pigeons

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(ORDO NEWS) — The intelligence of some animals and birds in certain parameters is not inferior to human ones. Such data were obtained during a study by scientists at the Ruhr University in Germany.

Pigeons are traditionally considered extremely silly birds. However, the researchers found out that the permanent inhabitants of the cities, to put it mildly, erected vain. Pigeons are able to transfer knowledge from generation to generation. In addition, they switch attention from one task to another much faster than a person, according to Hi-tech.

Squirrels can boast of excellent memory. These rodents perfectly remember the chosen routes and calculate the trajectory of the jump extremely accurately.

And the pigs in general turned out to be real intellectuals. They remember well the events that happened for a long time and know how to navigate in space. The pig is able to determine the voice of the owner and can even distinguish his face from others.

Previously it was reported that giraffes are a complex social species and until today people simply misunderstood these animals.

Scientists have found that giraffes spend up to 30% of their lives in a “postproductive state.” This compares with other species that have complex social structures. For example, the same picture is observed among the recognized “intellectuals” – elephants and killer whales.

In the meantime ..

California fears bacon shortage due to “love of animals”

In California, restaurant and grocery store owners have filed a lawsuit to block the introduction of a new farm animal welfare law that could raise the price of pork significantly and lead to a shortage in the state. The new rules are set to take effect in the new year, NBC News reported.

A coalition of restaurant owners is trying to delay the introduction of the humane treatment of animals law, which has been in progress since 2018, for more than two years.

The document implies that chickens, cows and pigs must be provided with sufficient living conditions, which means keeping animals in spacious enclosures. While the new requirements will not hit poultry farms hard, it will not be easy for those involved in pig production: pigs will no longer be raised in tiny boxes, as is the case now.

North Carolina State University estimates that the new standard will raise the cost per animal by 15% on farms with 1,000 animals.

The California Department of Agriculture and Health noted that as of December, changes were still being made to the provisions of the law, which means that it may take additional time for the final version to be passed. In 2022, California will still sell pork that has not been raised under the new rules, which lawmakers believe should prevent a meat shortage for several months.


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