Scientists managed to stop the spread of coronavirus without vaccines and drugs

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists have developed a tool that can stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2 without drugs and vaccines.

Specialists from the University of California at San Diego have developed nanosponges that resemble a sponge in principle. These elements are recognized by the virus as body cells: there is a connection and an attempt to multiply the coronavirus. Studies have shown that the virus loses 93% of its properties and is practically unable to further spread throughout the body.

Nanospongi is a completely new and somewhat unexpected development. Instead of creating another vaccine, scientists have tried to produce something effective. Apparently, they did it: the nanospongs do an excellent job with the role of bait in order to distract the virus from invading living cells.

The nanosponje membrane has the same receptors as ordinary cells, due to which the virus does not see any difference. As a result, the strain loses its main property – the ability to replicate. The viral waste that remains is eliminated from the body naturally.

The effectiveness of nanosponje has already been proven on lung cells. It is in this organ that the coronavirus has lost 93% of its properties. Experts note that nanospongs can be used to treat a wide range of diseases, in contrast to drugs and antibodies that act in a specific way.

The new treatment is completely safe: mouse experiments have proven this. In the near future, new studies will be carried out on the safety of nanospons. If they succeed, the development can begin to be applied to people.


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