Scientists link cannabis use to asthma

(ORDO NEWS) — American researchers have learned that in states where the use of marijuana for recreational or medical purposes among adults is legal, their children are more likely to develop asthma.

Asthma affects about five million American children and is the most common chronic condition among adolescents in the United States.

Scientists from Columbia University (USA) analyzed data from the National Survey of Children’s Health for 2011-2019 and a representative sample of physical and mental health of non-institutionalized minors, aged from zero to 17 years.

Scientists have shown that state cannabis policies can have implications for children’s respiratory health.

The fact is that in some regions of the United States smoking marijuana is allowed – for medical or recreational purposes.

This applies to adults, but suffer from cannabis use, as it turned out, their children are passive smokers.

It turned out that compared with states where cannabis is completely banned, in regions where it is allowed, the prevalence of asthma among adolescents 12-17 years old has slightly increased.

In addition, the authors of the work found that in the United States there was a decrease in the incidence of asthma among children in the periods from 2011 to 2012 and from 2018 to 2019 by 1.1 percent.

However, as a rule, these figures are typical only for states that have banned the use of cannabis.

“Although tremendous progress has been made in the treatment of asthma over the past few decades and there have been advances in tobacco control, the possibility of an increase in cannabis use among adults may present new risks that require more in-depth study,” said the first author of the study, Rene Goodwin.


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