Scientists identified a favorite hairstyle for coronavirus: who is at risk

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the United States made another discovery. Coronavirus is most dangerous for men with baldness. To some this may seem like a real joke, but, as it turned out, bald men are at risk. The reason for this is not only age, but also the presence of male hormones.

Specialists studied the statistics of mortality and coronavirus infection in different countries and were shocked by the result. Most seriously ill patients are bald men. In some situations, the indicator of the total amount reached 70-80%. That is why they concluded that baldness could be a harbinger of the fact that the disease will be extremely difficult.

How can baldness affect the course of the disease?

Experts note that in fact, the reason is not a direct lack of hair, but the reason that provoked it – male hormones androgens. It is worth noting that doctors used to know that androgens can adversely affect many diseases. For example, they provoke accelerated growth of cancer cells. In the case of coronavirus, the exact same effect is observed.

At the moment, this study has not been fully verified and may not be more than a coincidence. For example, some time ago, other scientists assured that the risk group includes men whose body has an insufficient amount of the hormone testosterone. Another version indicates that the incidence among men is higher only because they wear masks less often than women. The latest study will soon be thoroughly tested, and the effect of androgens will be further explored.


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