Scientists: human life expectancy will increase by 10-20% in the future

(ORDO NEWS) — With the support of well-known billionaires, venture capitalists and grants from research centers and biotech companies in the US, they have focused their attention on the fight against aging.

Researchers give predictions about how much human life expectancy can increase in the future.

Scientists say that in the future people will live 10-20% longer. Researchers are now exploring ways to increase people’s life expectancy with the help of medications.

Two popular drugs, metformin and rapamycin, have already been shown to work in animals. Both drugs target molecular processes associated with cell aging.

Another drug of the senolytic group removes senescent cells from the body.

In addition, scientists are working on another technique called cellular reprogramming that can reverse aging and restore cell function.

When these drugs will become available to the public is not yet clear.


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