Scientists have warned humanity about the deadly epidemic of oncology

(ORDO NEWS) — Europe is facing a massive cancer epidemic due to COVID-19 in the next decade. This is reported by The Guardian, citing a Lancet Oncology report.

“In the next 10 years, Europe will face a cancer epidemic if health systems and oncology research are not prioritized,” said Mark Lawler, a professor at Queen’s University Belfast.

A deadly cancer epidemic threatens to engulf the entire continent. The thing is that the emergency reprofiling of healthcare systems in Europe and the widespread introduction of lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic left about one million patients without diagnosis. Every second patient did not receive timely treatment.

The effects of the pandemic are still affecting the screening and treatment of cancer patients. After the coronavirus, detecting cancer in the early stages has become even rarer than before. All this will worsen the quality of life of people and reduce survival.


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