Scientists have told whether it is possible to survive falling from a plane without a parachute

(ORDO NEWS) — Some people are very afraid of flying, but have thought more than once about how the plane can fall, and as a result, they will crash on the ground without a parachute.

Experts talked about whether there is even a small chance to survive in such a difficult situation.

Today, air travel is considered the safest option, because the chances of dying in a plane crash are minimal. In 2020, there were so few plane crashes that scientists couldn’t even calculate the chances that a person could die.

However, it is not worth completely excluding the risk that the plane may fall. You can also just imagine that a terrible situation happened, and a person flies from a great height without a parachute. What to do in this case?

First of all, it is worth understanding that there will be very little time. If the plane rises to a height of about 3.6 kilometers, then not even a minute will pass and the person will fall to the ground.

During free fall, the speed can reach 193 kilometers per hour. Falling into the water gives a chance for life, although there is little pleasure in it either.

To survive, you need to try to enter the water with your head or feet so that the impact is not so strong. At the same time, it is important that the water is deep enough.

If you can’t see water nearby, you should try to find something else soft. It can be a big haystack, bushes, a snowdrift or at least a swamp.

All this gives the chances of surviving a plane crash, which is impossible in the case of landing on the asphalt. You should also not land on trees, because they can easily pierce the human body.

If the fall occurs in the city, then in this case it is necessary to try not to touch high-voltage wires, buildings. The ideal option will be those designs that have a soft roof.

A truck trailer, motor home will do. The options are not very reliable, but they are able to absorb part of the energy from the fall, and thus save lives.

Falling from a plane, of course, rarely ends with a person continuing to live with a couple of scratches.

However, the proposed actions give at least a small chance of a harmless landing, which is much better than not making any attempts to survive.


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