Scientists have told what will happen if you eat a lot of salt

(ORDO NEWS) — Absolutely everyone knows that eating a lot of salt will not lead to anything good. Experts have found that those people who have too much salt in their diet are more likely to experience premature death.

It is worth noting that studies have shown that the risk of premature death increases by about 28% compared to those who consume salt in moderation.

For every hundred people, at least three die much prematurely. At the same time, the average age of the deceased is in the range of 40-69 years.

Scientists have conducted a new study that demonstrates that one more person in this hundred, who belongs to the same age group, is also at risk of dying earlier than they should.

In addition, the experts were able to establish that people who consume salt in large quantities have a lower life expectancy than those who only occasionally add salt to their meals.

Among men and women aged 50, life expectancy was lower by 2.28 and 1.5 years, respectively. It is worth paying attention to the fact that lower risks were recorded in those people who had a large amount of vegetables and fruits in their diet.

During the study, a thorough analysis of the surveys of 501,379 people who decided to take part in the UK Biobank experiment was carried out.

Specialists additionally took into account various factors that could seriously affect their results. These factors include gender, age, bad habits, physical activity, diet and diet, chronic diseases or other health problems.

The study participants were followed up for nine years. In this case, premature death was considered that which occurred before the age of 75 years.

Experts believe that even if you slightly reduce the amount of salt consumed, this will already have a positive effect on the body and overall human health. In addition, the risk of premature death will be significantly reduced.


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