Scientists have told what the Earth would be like without people

(ORDO NEWS) –Traces of the activities of modern man today are clearly visible in every corner of the planet. Humanity builds huge skyscrapers, cultivates huge fields, and lays numerous roads. If people did not exist, then the Earth would have a completely different appearance.

It is reported by Live Science.

Experts talk about the existence of a huge number of different species of animals and plants, which today are both familiar to science and not. Flinders University’s Trevor Worthy suggested that the Earth would be incredibly green with large animals on every continent except Antarctica.

People have become the reason that many species have disappeared and this process does not stop. Scientists note that the impact of humanity resembles an asteroid impact, and the dust from this still settles on the surface of the Earth and leads to negative consequences.

Seren Forbit added that the planet could resemble the Serengeti ecoregion, which is located in Africa. It includes predominantly protected areas and therefore boasts an incredibly rich ecosystem.

If a man did not appear, then the animals that live there could live without obstacles on the territory of Europe. Until today, even cave lions would exist, which disappeared 12 thousand years ago.

Experts also conducted a study and found that mammoths, which have survived numerous climate changes and tolerated even the harshest conditions, would still be fine today.

Most likely, the cause of their death was not the influence of the climate, but the extermination by people.

Without humanity, the Earth would have more fertile soil, huge reserves of minerals, and the world itself would be much brighter and cleaner.

Earlier we wrote that the Earth has become dimmer than literally 17 years ago.

And also recall that scientists discovered that the Earth began to rotate more slowly.


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