Scientists have told what can lead to frequent crunching fingers

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people like to crunch the knuckles in their fingers, vertebrae, or wrists. This phenomenon is very common. At the same time, there are those who consider this process simply unbearable.

During the crunch of the fingers, a special process occurs, called “cavitation”. It means that in a sufficiently viscous synovial fluid, which is located between the bones, gas bubbles appear.

When a person stretches the joints to produce a crackling sound, the pressure level in the synovial fluid decreases. Accordingly, those gases that are in it begin to be released and then collect in a large bubble.

The process of bubble formation is the cause of a very loud crackle. Is crunching your fingers really that bad, as most people think?

In childhood, adults quite often prohibit cracking their fingers and say that this can lead to the development of arthritis. Whether this is true, scientists learned in the course of their next study.

Experts note that clicking the joints does not cause any harm. In this case, the effect on the body will depend on how exactly the person does it. If too much effort is applied or the crunch is sharp, this can provoke the occurrence of microcracks.

This, in turn, will cause pain, and in especially severe cases, the inflammatory process begins to develop. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the connection between the crunch of the joints and the development of arthritis is nothing more than fiction.

Sometimes the joints can crackle on their own. Often this happens when a person, for example, squats. In this case, there is no reason to panic.

Cracking can result from a variety of reasons. For example, kneecaps can rub against bones while squatting. If this does not lead to pain or swelling, then you should not worry.

There are several different reasons why people like this particular crunch. Sometimes it’s just a habit, so a person stretches his fingers, fights stress. In some cases, ASMR is the cause.

ASMR is an autonomous sensory meridional response. In other words, a person feels tingling of varying degrees of intensity in the back of the head, which provokes the appearance of goosebumps not only on the neck and back, but also in the limbs.

The reason may be the impact of some sounds, visual things. Crunch is one of the components of this little-studied phenomenon.

If we talk about warming up and dealing with stress, then in this case everything is logical. When a person works for a long time, his joints are in tension. Crunching helps relieve fatigue. In this way, you can also relieve the tension of the nervous system.


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