Scientists have told how to recognize lung cancer in time be careful

(ORDO NEWS) — Lung cancer does not always show symptoms in its early stages. Many signs and symptoms can be caused by other diseases, but if cancer is detected early it is easier to cure.

Therefore, doctors with Cancer Research UK have listed the most common symptoms of lung cancer.

According to doctors, the most common symptoms of lung cancer are: a cough that haunts you most of the time, especially it is worth paying attention to changes in a cough that you have had for a long time – it may sound different or be painful.

In addition, it is worth “taking a closer look” at shortness of breath when performing those actions that you previously did without problems, it can also signal problems in the lungs.

As we all know perfectly well, coughing up sputum with an admixture of blood should not be, doctors from Cancer Research UK are of the same opinion.

It is also worth being careful if chest infections keep recurring, even after recovery. Or if they do not pass at all.


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