Scientists have told how to prolong life with the help of food

(ORDO NEWS) — For 20 years, experts have been monitoring the elderly and were able to prove the benefits of one of the developed plans for truly proper nutrition. With it, you can easily reduce the risk of death, which can occur for a variety of reasons.

In this case, we are talking about the Mediterranean “diet”, which is available to almost all people in the world. It is for this reason that scientists considered it as the main measure for the prevention of premature aging and death.

The study was carried out by scientists from the University of Barcelona. Over the course of two decades, they followed 642 participants over the age of 65. All of them lived on the territory of Italian Tuscany.

The actions taken made it possible to create a special index of the relationship, which is established between biomarkers obtained as a result of the consumption of products characteristic of the Mediterranean diet and the level of mortality.

Experts analyzed what levels of resveratrol, selenium, fatty acids, polyphenols and other substances were present in the human body. In addition, attention was paid to their correlation.

If the Mediterranean diet is combined with regular exercise, then the risk of death resulting from any cause will be much lower, because health will be quite strong.

For all the time that such an interesting experiment was carried out, scientists recorded 425 deaths. 139 people died from problems with the cardiovascular system, and 89 as a result of oncology.

The data obtained helped doctors look at such a nutrition plan as the main one if a person wants to live longer and delay the aging process for later.

The Mediterranean diet involves eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grains, greens, seafood, and nuts. At the same time, the diet should contain a minimum amount of red meat or saturated fats.


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