Scientists have studied water on Mars: the results are sad

(ORDO NEWS) — Previously, scientists stated that water on Mars exists in a state familiar to us, only it resembles more brine in its composition. Despite the obvious differences, experts hoped for the possibility of its application.

As it turned out, the Martian “brine” is completely unsuitable for use. The main problem is that a liquid of ice and atmospheric vapor can only exist for a few hours. Without water, Mars is unfit for human life.

The Red Planet, where the average temperature is + 40 ° C, has water reserves only in the form of ice. Also, some liquid exists in the form of vapor. Due to the low pressure (it is 160 times less than on Earth), the liquid immediately becomes vapor.

The transition to a liquid state occurs only due to the salts it contains. Earlier, scientists noticed light streams on the planet’s surface. They thought it was salt residues after the water evaporated. However, as it turned out later, it was sand.

Scientists from the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston have determined that the existence of a saline solution is possible on 40% of the surface of the Red Planet. It is important to note here that it can remain in a stable state only in certain seasons and only for 0.04% of the earth’s year (about six hours). At the same time, the temperature is ‒48 ° C, a person is not able to survive in such conditions.

Experts came to the conclusion that living organisms cannot exist in the conditions of Mars. Perhaps some creatures lived 4 billion years ago, when the climate was much milder. Then microorganisms could live, feeding on the energy of inorganic compounds.


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