Scientists have solved the mystery of giant statues in the jungle of Indonesia

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have solved the mystery of giant stone statues in the jungle of Indonesia – stone idols have been found on various islands in the jungle for many decades, but until now there was no common opinion as to why and who built them. Now the researchers have developed a common hypothesis.

There are several places in the world that to this day remain a mystery to scientists and seekers. These include the Bad Valley in Central Sulawesi Province (Indonesia), which houses the ancient stone monuments of Lore Lindu National Park. Many of them are not yet officially documented. Some of them have an intricate shape, about 30 depict a person.

Complicated dating of mysterious stone idols

These unusual monuments were discovered in 1908. But over the past hundred-odd years, little has been learned about them. It is still not known exactly when they were made. Some suggest that this happened about 5,000 years ago. Others believe that this happened at a much earlier period, so they have a direct connection with the cultural representatives who left behind megaliths in Laos, Cambodia and parts of Indonesia 2,000 years ago.

Hypotheses about the creators and purpose

Who were the people who created these monuments is another mystery. Although it has been suggested that they were made by representatives of the same civilization that left behind monuments in other parts of Southeast Asia, the sculptures in the Bad Valley are unique and therefore may belong to a completely different culture. At the moment, no one really knows who exactly created them.

The purpose of the megaliths also remains vague, although many researchers have speculated on this. Locals, for example, believe that some of the monuments were once used for ancestor worship and tell legends about how they came into existence.

For example, there is a monument made in the form of a person. They say it was a man who was considered a rapist during his lifetime. For this he was turned to stone. Deep cuts on it are stab wounds. Another megalith is believed to have once been a village protector. However, he was also guilty – he stole some rice. As a sign of punishment, he was also turned into a stone statue.

Another group of researchers believes that this place is associated with human sacrifice. And in general, “idols” were intended to scare away evil spirits. Particularly advanced researchers believe that monuments have supernatural powers and can move in space. Say, in the morning they saw in one place, in the evening in another.

The stones from which the megaliths were carved were most likely brought from another area. This means that the craftsmen who made the statues probably had a level of social organization that allowed them to take on this project.

The carvings on the megaliths have been described as minimalistic. Human figures are often depicted with incredibly large heads, their bodies are straight, and their legs are missing. If we talk about facial features, they most often have round eyes, and a single line indicates the eyebrows, cheeks and nose. Many of them stand alone, others in pairs or groups.

Stone statues aren’t the only mystery in the valley

In addition to the statues, the Bad Valley is also famous for its circular reservoirs formed from individual stone blocks. They can be found in various parts of the valley. They have different sizes and shapes. Some have a hole in the center and baffles.

There is speculation that they may have been used for burials or as water tanks. Heavy stone covers were found nearby.


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