Scientists have significantly increased the efficiency of ultra-thin solar panels

(ORDO NEWS) — British scientists have published a study in the scientific journal Photonics, which describes the achievements in increasing the efficiency of ultra-thin solar panels.

According to the head of the study, the team of scientists managed to increase the efficiency of the batteries by 25 percent.

It is reported that the thickness of the panels developed by British scientists does not exceed one micrometer, and the amount of absorbed solar energy is a quarter higher than that of panels of similar thickness.

The head of the study said that the scientists used the principles of the science of bionics, namely, they applied the honeycomb structure of butterfly wings and bird’s eyes at the heart of their development.

The scientists explained that high efficiency is achieved using a special honeycomb structure of the panel, which is located above the silicon wafer.

Scientists have already conducted a number of successful tests, during which they “beat” a five-year record. In 2017, scientists managed to increase efficiency by 21 percent. Efficiency is now increased by 25 percent.

According to scientists, their development has a wide range of applications, ranging from domestic applications to use in space.

The ultra-thin structure of the panels allows them to be used in many processes and conditions, making green energy more accessible and profitable, scientists say.


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