Scientists have shown that lessons in school should start later

(ORDO NEWS) — The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the psychological health of people, with the elderly and young people being the most affected groups.

Because self-isolation has cut off both those and others from friends, teachers and normal life in general. Nevertheless, scientists from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) have found positive aspects in self-isolation: this is due to the closure of schools. The research is published in the journal JAMA Network .

Scientists found that teenagers living in Switzerland who were homeschooled between March and June 2020 slept more than they did before the schools closed.

This correlated with other indicators of improved well-being: it is understandable, because adolescents, as you know, need more sleep than children (this is due to hormonal changes in their bodies).

The researchers found that young people slept about 75 minutes more a day compared to when schools were open. They also consumed less caffeine and alcohol.

The study involved 8972 adolescents enrolled in secondary schools in Switzerland. First, more than 3,600 high school students who studied in Zurich during the above period were interviewed .

Then the scientists compared the results of this survey with another one conducted in 2017 for the same schoolchildren (then the sample included more than 5,300 people).

Comparative analysis showed that homeschooling children woke up on average 90 minutes later than school attendants during the school year.

True, they went to bed about 15 minutes later. Thus, the “excess” of sleep was about 75 minutes per day. This naturally affected some indicators of the health of the isolated students.

Although the psychological indicators were worsened: adolescents who were on self-isolation complained of sadness and loneliness.

Therefore, scientists conclude that after the pandemic, it would be most optimal not to send children to home schooling, but to start classes later than is customary today.

At least when it comes to teenagers. This would affect not only the general well-being of schoolchildren, but also their academic performance. After all, it is known that a sleepy person works and studies much more productively, faster and better.

Some experts even believe that it is more beneficial for high school students to start classes no earlier than 10-11 am, and a study by Swiss scientists confirms this point of view.


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