Scientists have revealed which product can cause nightmares

(ORDO NEWS) — Eating before bed is something that all doctors recommend you avoid, but why? It turned out that there are products, the use of which can cause nightmares. Scientists conducted an experiment that proved it.

Heavy snacks before bed are undesirable – this is what doctors, scientists and nutritionists say. The problem is not even the extra kilograms that can be gained.

The thing is that eating certain foods can cause nightmares. One of the most dangerous products turned out to be cheese. At the same time, it is undesirable to eat any types of hard and soft cheese.

Scientists from the National Institute of Health (NIH Great Britain) conducted an experiment that proved it. During the experiment, its participants ate 20 grams of cheese every day before going to bed.

It turned out that 75% of people then complained of nightmares. Some of the subjects complained about scary realistic dreams that prevented them from getting enough sleep every day.

The type of cheese also matters, and the “genre” of nightmares directly depended on what was eaten. Those who ate cheese with mold saw bright, colorful dreams.

“Lester” cheese, belonging to the red species, evoked nostalgic dreams. This product is manufactured in Leicestershire, Midlands (England). The popular American favorite Cheddar provokes the appearance in dreams of celebrities: singers, actors.

Researchers associate this with the substance “tryptophan”. This amino acid has the effect of increasing the time a person spends sleeping.

The neurotransmitter regulates not only the general behavior of a person, but also affects his mood. The more a person consumes it, the more often he is in a good mood.

But there were also those varieties that caused people to have dark, creepy dreams.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that cheese is primarily fatty and high in calories. Such a load on the stomach can spoil sleep. That’s the problem: lots of calories and little tryptophan.


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