Scientists have revealed which drink reduces the risk of mortality

(ORDO NEWS) — There is very good news for tea lovers. Scientists conducted another study and found that if you regularly drink tea, it will have the most positive effect on human health.

Experts found that it is enough to drink at least two cups of tea every day to reduce the risk of death by 13%.

At the same time, the maximum amount of the drink and its type do not matter. For example, you can add sugar and milk to tea. This will not affect the final result. In addition, the temperature of the drink does not matter.

During the study, data from the British biobank on 500,000 people whose average age was between 40 and 69 years were analyzed. 85% of participants said that they regularly drink at least two cups of tea a day.

90% of those who regularly drink the drink emphasized that they prefer black tea. The research lasted for 10 years.

Other experts were very interested in what specialists from Great Britain were doing. Fernando Artalejo from the Autonomous University of Madrid noted that the obtained information is a “significant achievement of science.”

It is worth paying attention to the fact that earlier a similar study was already conducted, but in Eastern countries, where green tea is considered the most popular.

However, they were not so large-scale that a really significant result could be obtained.

To date, we can conclude that black tea, which is the most popular among Europeans, can reduce the mortality rate. In addition, the level of development of problems with the cardiovascular system becomes lower.


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