Scientists have revealed what color the sky really is

(ORDO NEWS) — How many times have you looked into the blue sky, admired its beauty? Did you know that it is actually a completely different color?

Scientists say that it is actually dark. What we see is scattered light.

Yes, the blue color of the sky is given by neither nitrogen nor oxygen or other chemical elements. Everything is much simpler than it seems.

Professor Michael J. Brown from Monash University spoke about it. He was helped by professor of astronomy MERT Keworthy (employee of Leiden University).

Scientists have said that the Sun emits a very wide spectrum of visible light. Our visual organs perceive it as white. Although it consists of all the colors of the rainbow.

When sunlight passes through air, atoms in the atmosphere scatter blue more than red. This is why we see the white Sun and the blue sky in clear, cloudless weather.

This phenomenon is also called Rayleigh scattering. When the sun goes down, the effect only increases.

To understand what color the sky really is, Brown and Keworthy recommend looking at it at night. This glow is natural to the atmosphere.

Air really glows with atoms and molecules in the atmosphere: oxygen’s natural color is red, sodium’s is yellow.

By the way, scientists also said that at high altitudes, ultraviolet light splits O2 molecules into pairs of atoms and they recombine into chemical compounds that give off a green glow.

But there are very few sodium atoms in the atmosphere, and they emit very little light.

It’s strange, but if you look carefully at the sky on a clear day with a little rain, you can even see tiny meteors.

They are formed by dust that forms in the upper layers of the atmosphere. This dust remains from falling meteor stars. It turns out that the true color of our sky is a mixture of yellow, red and green.


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