Scientists have revealed the secret of the English “White Queen”

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists believe that the former Elizabeth Woodville, aka the “White Queen” worshiped the disemboweled saint.

She worshiped in a long-lost chapel in Westminster Abbey. Experts came to this conclusion after their research.

The disemboweled martyr that scholars talk about is St. Erasmus. Researchers also believe that the chapel contained images of this man’s terrible death and relics.

The chapel of St. Erasmus was used by the monarchs for royal burials and for keeping the relics of the martyr.

In the 16th century, a sad fate awaited the building, it was simply demolished. Thanks to the new research, scientists have recreated the structure of the chapel and its decoration of the 15th century.

Today, only the sawn alabaster frame remains of it. This frame was the decoration behind the altar and would have surrounded the “reredos”.

In fact, there are no records of the martyr’s life in history, and the chapel also received little attention.

Most likely, this happened because it stood for only 25 years, and then, by order of Henry, the chapel was demolished.

Elizabeth Woodville was a woman of extraordinary beauty. Queen consort, wife of Edward IV. It is known that the king married her when she was already a widow and the mother of two children.

The daughter of the Lancastrians by her origin did not like the ruling nobility of York. Even more so, because the king married a woman with children and no royal rank at his heart’s desire.

In marriage, this couple had 2 sons and 5 daughters. However, death awaited almost all of them, as well as the “White Queen” herself.

It was Elizabeth in 1470 who gave the decree to build the chapel of St. Erasmus. Most likely, the project was created by architect Robert Stowell.

Erasmus was responsible for the welfare of children, and sailors prayed and worshiped him. In England in the 15th century, he was adored by all Britons.


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