Scientists have reunited fragments of a rare Viking sword that were separated for 1200 years

(ORDO NEWS) — Amateur archaeologists in Norway have found two pieces of a Viking sword, and scientists have put them back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Fragments found by amateur archaeologists fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

In 2021, an amateur archaeologist made a small but important discovery: on the west coast of Norway, he found a small piece of metal with no obvious use.

This spring, the rest of the mystery was revealed. Another amateur archaeologist (a friend of the first) found another detail. It turned out to be easier with her: it was a massive, richly decorated sword fragment.

The most surprising thing about these two artifacts was revealed later: it turned out that they were fragments of the same weapon. The researchers reunited them after about 1200 years of separation.

Only the hilt has been restored, but that’s enough to give a sense of the great work that went into making the sword.

What does the hilt of a sword look like?

Scientists have reunited fragments of a rare Viking sword that were separated for 1200 years 2
Lise Chantrier Aasen, Archeological Museum of Norway

The hilt was decorated with a geometric ornament made of silver with niello technique. At the ends are animal heads in the German animal style. This style was popular in northern Europe in about 550-1050, in the late Iron Age and during the Viking Age.

The found sword belonged to type D (the heaviest type of Viking weapon). Archaeologists have not yet been able to fully examine all the details, as the handle is badly damaged.

Similar swords have been found in both Eastern and Western Europe, and only 20 examples have previously been found in Norway. It is assumed that such swords belonged to noble people and demonstrated their social status.

“We can only guess who it belonged to. However, it was a very decorative and impressive sword, and it must have belonged to someone who had the funds to acquire it, as well as someone who wanted to demonstrate their social status, ” the researchers say.

Archaeologists also managed to find a heavy Viking sword in Scotland last year.


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