Scientists have restored the appearance of a woman who lived in the Bronze Age

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists conducted a completely new study, which made it possible to establish exactly how the woman looked. She lived in the Bronze Age near the Czech city of Pardubice.

It was possible to restore the most accurate appearance by conducting a DNA analysis using a new method. In addition, the scientists had personal belongings at their disposal, which were also carefully examined.

The woman, as the researchers found, died at about 35 years old. She belonged to a fairly high social stratum.

The Bronze Age resident had fair skin and brown hair, brown eyes set wide on her face. Her chin protruded slightly forward, and her figure was very petite. The woman wore bronze and gold jewelry and had an amber necklace around her neck.

Scientists note that her burial was the richest among those belonging to the Unětice culture. It is worth noting that in those days women with such honors were not buried. The people who were part of the Unetice culture lived in Central Europe around 2300-1600 BC.

The woman was buried with five bronze bracelets and three pins of the same material. The grave contained gold earrings and a three-row necklace made of high-quality amber.

It was attended by over 400 beads. Experts emphasize that this jewelry has no analogues among those finds that belong to the period of the life of a buried woman.

Anthropological reconstruction was carried out due to the fact that the skull was preserved in a fairly good condition. Scientists were able to extract DNA from the bones. The analysis failed to confirm the sex, but information was obtained regarding the color of the skin, eyes and hair.

The graves, which date back to the Bohemian era, contain a huge amount of amber, so they are considered unique monuments. Amber is evidence that already in the Bronze Age, local residents had the opportunity to communicate and “trade” with people from other regions.


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