Scientists have reported the effect of monkeypox on the heart

(ORDO NEWS) — The impact of monkeypox on the heart was revealed: a 31-year-old patient was first recorded to develop acute myocarditis a week after the onset of symptoms of a new virus, according to a JACC report, a brief review is given by Medical Xpress.

The sick man came to the clinic five days after the onset of symptoms of monkeypox, which included general malaise, myalgia, fever and rashes on the body. In the hospital, the patient was confirmed to have the infection using PCR testing.

Three days later, the patient returned to the emergency department complaining of chest tightness radiating to the left arm.

After hospitalization, he underwent an ECG, blood tests, an MRI of the heart, which allowed doctors to diagnose the development of acute myocarditis.

According to experts, the development of acute myocarditis occurred as a result of extrapolation of the monkeypox virus, since inflammation of the heart muscle was previously associated with traditional smallpox infection.

During the study, scientists used the CMR mapping method to fully visualize the complication. The data obtained will allow to form a complete picture of the possible consequences of the disease, as well as to develop appropriate methods of prevention and treatment.

In July, French virologists introduced an effective anti-monkeypox drug, the smallpox drug tecovirimat.


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