Scientists have recreated perfumes that are more than 3000 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — Turkish scientists have recreated spirits that are more than three thousand years old. The original recipe for the fragrance belonged to Tapputi-Belatekalim (literally translated as “woman-caretaker of the palace”).

History calls her the first woman chemist. She lived in Mesopotamia. The first references to this person were found in Turkey during excavations on one of the clay tablets.

Unfortunately, many tables with recipes have not survived to our time, so it is impossible to decipher them. Some mysteries will never be solved. But what has been preserved is of great historical value for humanity.

When deciphering ancient texts, scientists found a perfume “recipe” belonging to Tapputa in the writings.

After that, a decision was made to reproduce perfumes in laboratory conditions. Just imagine, they managed to get a fragrance that is approximately 3200 years old.

The recipe was sent to the Turkish Fragrance Academy and the Aroma Culture Association. A group of 15 people was able to get all the ingredients and mix them in the right ratio.

Moreover, deciphering the clay tablets provided information about the ancient methods of distillation in Mesopotamia.

It is known that the woman chemist used such aromas as ayurves, myrrh, spices and balsams in her recipe. She also experimented with oils obtained from different flowers. Now many people are interested in whether her fragrances will end up on the shelves of perfume shops.

The head of the Fragrance Academy, Bichter Erg├╝l, shared his impressions of the work done. For him and the team of scientists, this task became a real journey into the past.

And when they were finally able to inhale the aroma, everyone in the laboratory was triumphant. Although it was a huge amount of work, the results exceeded all expectations.


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