Scientists have recorded underground activity on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — A new study conducted by scientists suggests that at a depth of 5.5 meters below the surface, lava may flow due to a volcanic eruption that occurred in the range of 50,000 years.

In view of the new scientific theses, it is quite possible that Mars is not as dead a planet as scientists said about it.

If the new discovery of scientists really finds confirmation, the history of Mars will have to be corrected in the future.

Because at the moment, the scientific community agrees that there has been no volcanic eruption in the last 4 billion years.

Simon Stehler gave a report that geological evidence of late volcanic activity occurring during the last 50,000 years has been discovered.

Previously, scientists studied a whole series of Martian earthquakes occurring in a part of the planet – Cerberus Fossae. This area consists of several parallel cracks formed by faults in the Martian crust.

Recently, studies concluded that there was volcanic activity in this region about 10 million years ago.

Stehler suggests that the research indicates the remains of a once active region with volcanoes. It is possible that the lava is moving, but below a depth of 6 meters.

Undoubtedly, this region is studied by scientists – it is a unique geological formation, formed recently due to volcanic processes. Steler is sure that additional analyzes should be conducted.


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