Scientists have recorded thousands of signals from space

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have detected thousands of signals from space with the help of artificial intelligence, but only a few of them could have been sent by aliens.

Artificial intelligence created by scientists was able to identify more than 20,000 different signals that came to Earth from space, and 8 of these signals can be related to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Today, artificial intelligence is an important part of scientific research. It involves the search for extraterrestrial civilizations, or rather, signals from a potential extraterrestrial intelligence.

Although, according to scientist Danny Price of Curtin University, it is too early to rely solely on artificial intelligence in the search for aliens, because artificial intelligence is not trained to think, and therefore operates according to a given algorithm.

However, recent advances show that artificial intelligence can still help in the hunt for potential aliens. But in the search for technosignatures, scientists are faced with the fact that the signals picked up by radio telescopes are actually radio interference and come from Earth.

Therefore, artificial intelligence helps to understand their classification. The new II was able to pick out more than 20,000 interesting signals from space, eight of which may be alien technosignatures.

According to scientists, if they could detect a signal from space that could be extraterrestrial, it would be one of the biggest discoveries in science.

Scientists also explain the lack of signals from extraterrestrial civilizations by the fact that the right moment has not yet come, they believe that communication between earthlings and extraterrestrials is possible when our planets pass against the background of their stars.


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