Scientists have recorded the eerie sound of the Earth’s magnetic field : Listen to the recording

(ORDO NEWS) — In orbit for almost a decade now, the Swarm satellite has helped scientists and musicians gather data about the Earth’s magnetic field and turn it into sound. This planetary soundtrack they published online.

Molten iron spinning in the planet’s outer core generates electrical currents, which in turn create a huge electromagnetic field that envelops the Earth.

This bubble plays a protective role, repelling cosmic radiation and charged particles coming from the Sun.

Most people can only see the Earth’s magnetic field in action in an aurora or the movement of a compass needle.

What does the earth sound like?

The team used data from ESA’s Swarm satellites, as well as other sources, and used these magnetic signals to sonic the field.

The project has certainly been a rewarding exercise in bringing art and science together, ” commented Klaus Nielsen, a musician involved in the project.

The soundtrack shows the magnetic field and the solar storm that erupted in November 2011.

The authors plan to present the “track” to the public offline – in Denmark, from October 24 to 30, several sessions a day will be held.

The scientists explain that they have gained access to a very interesting sound system consisting of more than 30 speakers dug into the ground on Solbjerg Square in Copenhagen.

It was set up so that each speaker represented a different place on Earth and showed how our magnetic field has fluctuated over the past 100,000 years.

Recall that at the end of September, the NASA apparatus recorded the sound of a meteorite falling on Mars. It differs from Earth’s due to the special conditions on the Red Planet.


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