Scientists have recorded the brightest burst of energy in the history of the study of the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have discovered the brightest energy burst ever seen in the universe, which is the result of an event that occurred 2.4 billion light-years from Earth.

This super-bright gamma-ray burst (GRB), which is a monstrous burst of energy that occurs during large galactic events such as star deaths, was recorded by both NASA’s Fermi space-based gamma-ray telescope and NASA’s Swift orbiting gamma-ray observatory.

“The brightest gamma-ray burst has just been detected,” Marcos Santander, an astrophysicist from the University of Alabama, USA, wrote on his Twitter account.

Phil Evans, an astronomer at the University of Leicester (UK), who works with the Swift Observatory, was just as impressed as his colleague:

“Swift detected a gamma-ray burst yesterday,” he tweeted.

He’s bright.

Really bright.

Dull very bright.

Turns out my analytic codes weren’t made for such flashy things…

Bright. Very bright!

“This burst is clearly the brightest gamma-ray burst we have seen in X-rays,” Evans told Vice, describing the burst, dubbed GRB 221009A.

“It [ GRB 221009A ] is about 1,000 times brighter than a typical burst and several hundred times brighter than the brightest we’ve ever seen.”

Probably GRB 221009A is the result of the formation of a black hole .


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