Scientists have recorded abnormal warming at both poles of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists at the US National Snow and Ice Data Center found that at the same time, anomalous warming is observed at the Earth‘s poles. This was reported on March 19 by the Associated Press.

According to the publication, which cites extreme weather trackers, the average temperature in Antarctica at the French-Italian Concordia station (3234 m) exceeded the norm by more than 40 degrees Celsius and amounted to -12.2 degrees.

At the same time, at the even higher Russian Vostok station, the temperature exceeded the norm by 15 degrees and stopped at -17.7.

According to experts, this phenomenon is extremely unusual. Indeed, against the background of warming in Antarctica, where the autumn period begins, an increase in temperatures is also observed in the Arctic. In particular, at the North Pole, the air warmed up 30 degrees above normal.

“There are different seasons at the poles now. The North and South Poles should not melt at the same time. This is definitely an unusual phenomenon,” researcher Walt Meyer told The Associated Press on Friday.

The scientist suggested that it could be a warm atmospheric flow that entered the region from the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, if such changes continue to be recorded, this will become a serious cause for concern, the expert believes.

Earlier, on Feb. 7, a study by Nature Climate Change showed that population growth and global warming will lead to more damage in the United States in the near future. According to scientists, the damage from floods in the United States will increase by more than 25%.

Losses include destruction that will damage homes and businesses. The main burden of the financial burden will fall on the poorest segments of the population of America, the researchers believe. More people are expected to move to areas at increased risk of flooding.


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