Scientists have reconstructed the face of a ‘vampire’ who lived in the 18th century

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have restored the face of a farmer from Griswold, Connecticut (USA), who the locals thought was a vampire.

A man named John Barber, who was about 55 years old, died at the end of the 18th century from tuberculosis.

This disease turned the skin of the sick a pale yellow color, their eyes became red and swollen, and coughing blood stains sometimes appeared around the mouth, which two centuries ago could well have been a sign of vampirism.

When the grave was discovered in 1994, the researchers immediately noticed that the man’s femurs were located crosswise on his chest.

That is, the deceased was suspected of vampirism, his body was dug up at some point, the femurs were removed and placed crosswise on his chest so that the vampire could no longer be resurrected; the body was then buried again.

In 2019, forensic scientists extracted DNA from the remains of a man and restored the face of a farmer using the preserved skull. The results showed that he had fair skin, brown eyes, brown or black hair, and several freckles.


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