Scientists have reached the highest tree

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of Brazilian scientists was able to successfully reach a huge dinitia (Dinizia excelsa), believed to be the tallest tree in the Amazon rainforest.

The height of the plant reaches almost 90 m, which is comparable to a building with 25 floors.

A specimen from the legume family was first discovered back in 2019 in the Iratapura River National Park while studying satellite imagery to compile a three-dimensional landscape map.

Dinition, towering above the forest in the northern part of Brazil, has grown to 88.5 m. At the same time, the coverage of the trunk is 9.9 m.

Almost immediately after the discovery of a huge tree, an expedition was organized to it, consisting of scientists, environmentalists and local guides.

After ten days of hard passage through the jungle, the group was almost out of supplies, and one of the members felt unwell, so then it was decided to turn back.

Subsequently, three more expeditions were equipped, but they were also unsuccessful. Now a group of 19 people managed to get to the tree, located in a remote, deserted area.

The expedition members had to make a 250-kilometer descent along a turbulent river with many dangerous rapids, and then go another 20 km through the jungle.

During the hike, no one was hurt, although one of the participants was bitten by a poisonous spider.

Camping under the canopy of a tree, the scientists collected leaves, wood, soil samples and other samples for further study in the laboratory. Experts suggest that the age of the huge division is 400-600 years.


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