Scientists have proven changes in the structure of the brain of a woman during pregnancy

(ORDO NEWS) — The part of the brain responsible for fantasy has changed during pregnancy in women.

Dutch scientists from the University of Leiden and the Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam (UMC) have proven changes in the structure of a woman’s brain during pregnancy.

During the study, 28 participants underwent MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) before, during pregnancy and after the birth of a child.

Also, each of the subjects was asked to fill out questionnaires with surveys and pass urine samples, which allowed to determine the level of hormones. In addition, the control group took part in the observations.

As a result, experts noticed small changes in the part of the brain responsible for fantasies. This department becomes active at a time when a person withdraws into himself or thinks about something or dreams.

The researchers failed to isolate the factors of this mechanism, but they suggest that it is somehow connected with the release of hormones.

The authors explain the need for such changes by the fact that this is part of a system that promotes the establishment of a connection between mother and child.

They also noted that developing the habit of introspection during pregnancy and childbirth can help reduce stress and alleviate memories of the pain experienced during childbirth.

Earlier, employees of the Medical University of Vienna in Austria calculated the consequences of exposure to alcohol during pregnancy on the brain of the unborn child.


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