Scientists have proved that Lysenko was right, and Darwin was wrong

(ORDO NEWS) — The Soviet agronomist and biologist Trofim Lysenko was once criticized for his ideas that living organisms can evolve rapidly under the influence of environmental conditions. Modern scholars have proven that Lysenko was right.

Trofim Lysenko believed that it was possible to grow larger farm animals if they were influenced at the stage of intrauterine growth, for example, with the help of temperature, light, and other factors.

At first, the ideas of the scientist found official support, and then, when Lysenko became objectionable to the Soviet authorities, they turned away from them.

A new study by Israeli scientists from the University of Haifa has shown that Lysenko was right, and Charles Darwin, in turn, was wrong. Scientists studied mutations in the African population due to factors associated with the fight against malaria.

It turned out that genetic changes recorded in entire groups of people are not random – they are due to specific actions aimed at combating malaria.

This means that in addition to natural selection, evolution can also occur under the pressure of external factors that provide direct mutations and rapid evolutionary changes.

The results of a new study indicate that modern science still knows far from everything about the mechanisms of evolution.


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