Scientists have predicted the collapse of our civilization in the near future

(ORDO NEWS) — In recent years, scientists time and again do what scares people: mass extinction, nuclear war, climate crisis, biological danger and many other things will lead to the fact that humanity will die and the planet will become uninhabitable.

Biologists Tony Barnsocki and Paul Ehrlich say it’s not really all that bleak.

Biologists explained their point of view as follows: the planet will continue to exist one way or another, glaciers will continue to melt, and people will soon have to adapt to new conditions of survival.

According to scientists, what is really killing humanity today is the usual way of life. In the event of a planetary-level crisis, there is a chance for survival.

The end of the civilization that exists today is near. Both Ehrlich and Barnoski are sure of this. In the next few decades, we will witness its demise and the birth of a new one.

First, all the ice will melt due to global warming and the sea level will rise. Many will die, but not all, some will manage to survive and adapt.

Also, researchers say that the death of civilization is inevitable. This process cannot be reversed, and if it were possible, then at least 5 planets like our Earth would be needed.

The problem is not only the melting of glaciers. The resources that a person uses for his normal life are being depleted. What will happen when energy resources, minerals, etc. run out?

People don’t think about it, but the threat has been hanging over humanity for a long time. According to scientists, such a scenario should be feared more.

Current problems can no longer be solved. It remains only to slow down their consequences in order to get used to new realities.

And of course, scientists advise us to lead a less wasteful lifestyle and be careful with what we already have.


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