Scientists have practically solved the secret of the deja vu effect

(ORDO NEWS) — Almost every person at least once in his life has encountered a very strange state, during which he felt that he already knows perfectly well what will happen in the future.

This feeling was called déjà vu, and there is a high probability that scientists have finally solved the mystery and established why such a phenomenon occurs.

Alan Brown decided to analyze absolutely all the records left by other researchers about the déjà vu effect. He drew attention to the fact that most of the theories are directly related to something supernatural.

Some experts talked about reincarnation or the memory of a past life. Psychic abilities were not left without attention either.

At the same time, Brown was more interested in examples from life, which the interviewed people told about.

He was able to establish that approximately two-thirds of people have encountered the deja vu effect at least once in their lives.

Most often, this happened when they were talking about a particular topic or were in a certain place. The scientist spoke about the fact that there is a certain connection between deja vu and processes in the brain.

For example, you are in the hospital and you go to visit your friend. Suddenly you notice that you have been here before and you know what will happen next.

The deja vu effect in this case can be caused by the fact that a person encountered a familiar arrangement of furniture or some objects in space.

The researchers decided to study this topic in more detail in laboratory conditions. They used virtual reality to put people in certain scenes.

Using this, they were able to manipulate the environment in which the participants of the experiment were without problems.

Some of the scenes had exactly the same spatial arrangement, but at the same time they were completely different.

As scientists thought, the déjà vu effect mainly appears when people are present in a setting with the same spatial arrangement of elements as in the previous scene.

They saw it, but could not remember it completely. This is not the only reason for the phenomenon.

Some other factors are also able to contribute to making a certain situation in life familiar and create a feeling that it has already been experienced.


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