Scientists have named the human organ that never ages

(ORDO NEWS) — The older the human body becomes, the more changes occur in it. At the same time, scientists talked about which organ after years still remains young. It is not affected by age and senile changes.

Scientists from Dresden University of Technology found that the liver has nothing to do with a person’s age. The reason for this is that cells in this organ are constantly being updated. Therefore, no matter how old a person is, his liver will still be no more than three years old.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the rate of cell regeneration will directly affect how a variety of toxins and other substances that can cause serious harm are removed from the human body.

When cells begin to process toxins, their damage is quite serious. After some time, they begin to recover in order to continue to perform their functions.

The average age of the liver, regardless of the age of the person, is three years or even less. This conclusion was confirmed by examining tissue samples taken from the liver. Due to the fact that the cells are constantly updated and replaced, the body does not age.

Experts noted that not all cells in the liver are the same, if we consider them in terms of the rate of their regeneration. Individual cells may be about 10 years old. This can be influenced by exactly what set of chromosomes they will carry.

In order to maintain the health of not only the liver, but the whole body as a whole, it is very important to monitor your diet and choose the right products.

The diet should include bread with bran. Pasta made from durum wheat is considered useful. Fruits and vegetables will complement any meal.

Do not forget about physical activity, which also makes the human body healthier at any age. It is also desirable to reduce the amount of salt and sugar consumed.


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