Scientists have named the date when a new supercontinent will appear on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — During the latest study, scientists found that due to the fact that the tectonic plates do not stop moving, one day on our planet all the continents will collide together.

This will cause the formation of a new supercontinent, in the middle of which there will be a huge desert.

The surface of the Earth was not always the same. The crust of the planet is divided into tectonic plates. They are not permanently located in one place. In a year, these hard slabs can move several centimeters.

It is impossible to see a significant change in the position of the plates even after several millennia.

But if we recall how our planet looked 10 million years ago, then in this case the difference is quite noticeable.

Tectonic plates can move towards each other or away from each other. In some situations, even a collision occurs. Throughout the geological history of the Earth, this process has never been interrupted.

Today, the Atlantic continues to increase in size at a rate of several centimeters per year. In turn, the Pacific Ocean is getting smaller.

It is possible that the Pacific Ocean may disappear completely, and the Atlantic Ocean will become a mega-ocean.

A study by scientists has shown that after about 200-300 million years, all the continents can merge into one, which happened in the past.

Once upon a time, there was a supercontinent of Pangea on Earth, surrounded by one huge ocean called Panthalassa.

Chuan Huang, from Curtin University, explained that over the past two billion years, tectonic plates have collided repeatedly, leading to the formation of a supercontinent every 600 million years.

In this regard, it cannot be ruled out that it will happen again in the future.

A possible supercontinent, scientists named Amasia. When he appears, everything on the planet will change completely.

The sea level will decrease, and in the interior of one huge continent there will be an area protected from humid winds.

It will record not only severe temperature drops, but also an incredible drought. Experts assume that most of the land will be at the same latitude as it is today.


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