Scientists have named the blood type of the most ageless people

(ORDO NEWS) — European scientists have reported a blood type whose owners age more slowly than others. The experiment involved adults from 25 to 60 years old with different types of blood, writes the British scientific publication Daily Express.

Hematologists have studied the relationship between blood type and signs of aging. They managed to establish that such signs appear less often in owners of the 3rd blood group.

The body of carriers maintains muscle tone for a longer time, and the skin remains elastic and young longer. Good results were also in people with 1 and 4 blood groups. Worst of all things are with the owners of the 2nd blood group.

Studying the issue of preserving youth and its dependence on blood type, the researchers concluded that this is due to the number of mitochondria in the cells.

There are more of them in the owners of the 3rd blood group, which is why the body has a higher energy reserve. Accordingly, people with this blood type are able to withstand more stress and play sports more often.

At the same time, carriers of the 2nd blood group had fewer mitochondria, which is probably due to the appearance of bad habits in some people. They are a consequence of the lack of natural energy and a way to make up for it.


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