Scientists have named foods that lower blood sugar

(ORDO NEWS) — These 5 products, named by scientists, contribute to lowering blood sugar levels. Their advantages are that they are tasty, healthy and affordable to a person with an average income.

To overcome prediabetes, it is best to review your diet. Easy and simple adjustments will help improve health. Scientists say that many people will be able to afford these products.

But what can we say, even if a person’s blood sugar level is not elevated, the recommendations of scientists will not bring harm.

Broccoli – experts have studied this type of cabbage and concluded that it can normalize blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity. Broccoli also reduces markers of oxidative stress.

Sprouts of this cabbage are especially useful. It turned out that they contain a large amount of glucosinates, namely glucoraphinin.

It is they who contribute to increased sensitivity to insulin. Cruciferous vegetables also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Kefir and yogurt – don’t like fermented milk products? And in vain! They help control blood sugar levels. By the way, scientists also studied them. The experiment lasted 8 weeks, and 60 people took part in it.

All had type 2 diabetes. All volunteers drank 600 ml of kefir or yogurt per day. At the end of the study, they gave their blood for analysis, and it became known that the sugar level decreased significantly.

The main thing, scientists say, is for the product to be rich in probiotics.

Eggs – are also useful and healthy food. Believe it or not, scientists have studied even them. 42 adults took part in the experiment, all of them were overweight and had high sugar levels. If you eat 1 large egg every day, the sugar level will drop by 4.4%, researchers say.

Simple apples – did you know that they can be good for those who want to lower blood sugar? These fruits should be eaten half an hour before eating rice, and then you will achieve the desired effect.

Avocado – these fruits contain a lot of fat and fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is tasty, healthy and absolutely indispensable for those who want to get rid of prediabetes.


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