Scientists have named countries that may disappear in 100 years

(ORDO NEWS) — It is difficult to imagine that some countries familiar to us after some time may completely or partially disappear from the face of the earth.

Scientists have calculated that in about a hundred years the picture of the world may already be completely different. We decided to find out which countries were included in this unenviable list.


Although scientists reassure that there is still a lot of time before the flooding of the Maldives, the prospect of being an underwater state worries, first of all, the inhabitants of the archipelago themselves.

The thing is that the water level is getting inexorably higher every year, and the country’s authorities are seriously considering the option of resettling residents on land that is still planned to be acquired.

It is likely that only the next few generations of tourists will be able to enjoy their holidays on the paradise islands, after which the archipelago will most likely be under water. The Maldives is worth visiting at least once in your life.


A compact state in northern Europe may also become inaccessible not only for tourists, but for everyone who plans to live on its territory.

Of course, the Netherlands is protected by powerful dams, and yet even such a system may sooner or later fail to withstand the pressure of water from outside.

The water level in the world’s oceans is increasing by several centimeters per year, which is quite critical for a country where large cities are located in the most flooded places.

According to experts, the Netherlands has about 70 years to resolve the issue of inexorably changing external circumstances.


The country is surrounded by water on all sides, which means that the problem can affect absolutely any part of it.

Most of all, experts are concerned about the western coast of Australia, where the water level rises by 9 mm per year.

What is even more depressing is the location of cities that are significant for the prosperity of the country – almost 60% of Australians and immigrants prefer to settle on the west coast.


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