Scientists have named a color that can reduce pain

(ORDO NEWS) — Colors affect various psychological and emotional processes in a person’s life. For example, many people know from childhood that the color green calms and relaxes.

More recently, scientists conducted a study and found out that green and its shades can even reduce pain.

An unusual study was conducted by Chinese scientists. They studied how colors affect the nervous system. The beneficial effect of green on the body has been scientifically proven.

It turned out that if a person looks at various shades of green for a long time, pain sensations will be dulled, and the nervous system will come to rest.

Similar experiments were conducted earlier, but only on animals. This time, Chinese scientific organizations decided to study this phenomenon in more detail and conducted their own experiment on rodents.

They carefully studied all aspects of the visual system of laboratory mice.

To begin with, the researchers studied the rod and cone photoreceptors on the outer retina of the eye. During the experiment, the scientists established that the neural pathway begins with them.

Then they found that the cells responsible for these rods and cones are connected to the lateral nucleus in the thalamus. This part of the brain is involved in coordination and movement.

It was like this: the mice were directed at the glow of different colors and monitored what was happening to their brain.

It turned out that after seeing green and its shades, the transmission of signals was more intense. The most important neurotransmitter of the nervous system was also activated.

The work of neurotransmitters initiated the process of increasing the Penk gene, which encodes a protein with the same name. It is this protein that activates opioid receptors, and they dull pain sensations.


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