Scientists have named 6 superpowers of the human body

(ORDO NEWS) — The human body is a complex system in which hundreds of different processes occur simultaneously. People rarely think about it, and yet some facts sound simply grandiose.

The heart and lungs work continuously. If a person lives for 70 years, his main muscle contracts more than three billion times during this time.

These are average data, taking into account ordinary physical activity, the pulse is considered normal, 60 beats per minute at rest.

A trained eye can recognize over 500 shades of gray. Therefore, even in twilight and low light, we can clearly see different objects.

The acid in the stomach can dissolve iron. This digestive organ is constantly being renewed, so caustic is the mixture of acids there. If you put a razor in the gastric juice, it will completely dissolve there.

Large bones are stronger than reinforced concrete. Yes, fractures occur even in the femur. But the direct pressure of the limb can withstand very significant. Crushing, not breaking the largest bone is impossible even for a passenger car.

The amount of saliva that is released during our life can fill 2 pools. It provides the initial digestion and softening of food under the action of enzymes.

There are blue people. Such disorders are caused by an excess of silver ions in drinking water or various mutations. There are whole families with this feature.


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