Scientists have learned what outstanding entrepreneurs have in common

(ORDO NEWS) — After this article, you will definitely want to get a better look at your face! Suddenly, you are a born entrepreneur?

It turns out that many entrepreneurs have the same facial features! This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Cyprus.

They found that people who dream of becoming big-name businessmen are more likely to have a symmetrical face and prominent cheekbones. However, the authors note that, of course, the presence of such traits does not necessarily indicate your success.

As part of the study, scientists examined how appearance affects a person’s leadership qualities. “Appearance can affect the effectiveness of leadership qualities in politics, business, etc. However, so far, few studies have examined the links between facial features and entrepreneurship,” the researchers write.

How did scientists understand what influences leadership traits?

The scientists used facial analysis tools on a large database of male and non-business entrepreneurs (all from the United States). The authors focused on three key facial features: face width-to-height ratio (fWHR), cheekbone prominence, and facial symmetry.

The analysis showed that men with more prominent cheekbones and a symmetrical face were more likely to be successful entrepreneurs, while the ratio of face width to height was not associated with this quality.

The experts noted that since their study only looked at white male entrepreneurs, future research should focus on a more diverse group of leaders, including women, to see if the same results are obtained.


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