Scientists have learned to predict death by the eyes

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese, Australian and German scientists joined forces and conducted a new study, the results of which were published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

The article says that it is possible to establish the degree of risk of early death by scanning the retina. Experts say that two people of the same age age at different rates, and it is the study of the eyes that can predict when a person will die.

In order to establish the real biological age of a person, as well as to understand what kind of health he may have in a few years, it is enough to conduct a quick scan of such an organ as the retina. In this way, you can also find out about how long a person can die.

During the study, experts used artificial intelligence. With its help, they were able to predict the age of each of the participants with an accuracy of 3.5 years. Ten years after the study began, those people whose retinas looked much older almost all died.

Experts said that if the retina looks older than just a year from its present age, then in this case the risk of dying over the next 11 years increases by 2%. If you do not count cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer, then the risk of death becomes more by 3%.

Such conclusions are now still considered purely observational, because experts cannot explain exactly how the retina of the eye is able to predict premature aging and death. At the same time, not only blood vessels, but also nerves are present in the organ. Accordingly, it can provide information about the exact state of the human brain and blood vessels.

Scientists note that the study plays an incredibly important role. The retina of the eye is involved in aging. In addition, she is very sensitive to all sorts of diseases that can affect a person’s life expectancy.

You can scan the organ as easily and painlessly as possible. If in the future it will be possible to establish exactly how the retina is connected with all other organs, then the diagnosis of the state of health will be carried out in more detail and faster.


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