Scientists have learned to change the blood type during organ transplantation

(ORDO NEWS) — Canadian scientists have found a way to convert the blood type in organs for transplantation.

The discovery will allow the creation of universal organs that can be transplanted to patients without delay.

Now patients who need a transplant are put on a waiting list, according to Science Translational Medicine. As a result, the operation is carried out only after the doctors get the organ they need.

Especially unlucky are people with a rare blood type – they have to wait a very long time. As a result, not everyone survives before the operation.

Solving the problem of organ mismatch will allow operations to be carried out more quickly.

Organs take root better in people with a certain type of blood. The discovery will save more lives.

Earlier in the United States, a unique operation was performed to transplant the heart of a genetically modified pig to a human.


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