Scientists have found where aliens can live

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The theory of 2015 was criticized and refuted. Then scientists suggested that elliptical galaxies are more suitable for the emergence of a highly developed alien civilization. In reality, the highest chances of finding aliens are in the analysis of spiral galaxies.

Our galaxy is also spiral, so scientists should look for its similarity in different corners of outer space. Scientists were able to discover the conditions for the appearance and life of extraterrestrial intelligent creatures. The findings were published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The new conclusions are completely contrary to those made five years ago. It is difficult to say why then the experts decided that the probability of detecting intelligent life in an elliptical galaxy is 10 thousand times higher. Perhaps the fact is that in such galaxies there are much more stars, and the processes of the appearance of supernovae are less frequent. The appearance of supernovae is a real catastrophic event.

A new study showed that in elliptical galaxies the level of radiation is so high that living organisms simply can not live there. Radioactive particles were actively emitted when galaxies were still quasars, that is, the brightest objects in the visible Universe.

The radiation was so strong that it killed any rudiments of life. Deadly radiation has spread to absolutely all planets. Thus, another theory crashed. Astronomers continue to study space objects in the hope that they stumble upon at least some signs of life.


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