Scientists have found when animals on Earth became smarter

(ORDO NEWS) — An international group of paleontologists said that after the Permian extinction, animals have become smarter: predators are meaner, and their victims are more cunning.

The Permian extinction happened 252 million years ago. Then 96% of all marine species and 73% of terrestrial vertebrate species disappeared from the face of the earth.

Scientists have found that in the period after the extinction, many new marine predators and herbivores appeared.

Both those and others began to demonstrate more complex strategies of behavior. For example, mollusks have developed a tighter closure of their shells.

On land, too, there were noticeable changes. An analysis of the chemical and biological composition of the bones of the ancestors of birds and mammals showed that they could become warm-blooded after the Permian extinction. In general, all animals have become smarter and more agile, they began to require more energy for life.


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