Scientists have found the wreckage of a 400-year-old ship of the Pilgrim Fathers who landed in America

(ORDO NEWS) — A new study conducted by European and American scientists has confirmed that the wreckage of a sunken ship found in 1863 on the shallows of the Cape Cod Peninsula in the northeastern United States, near Boston, really belongs to one of the legendary ships of the Pilgrim Fathers, on which they 400 years ago they reached the American coast.

This makes this find the only surviving ship that crossed the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Puritans’ “Great Migration”. An article about this was published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

The real name of this ship is unknown, it is commonly called Sparrow-Hawk. However, it is now at least clear that this is indeed an English ship of the future colonists, which ran aground during a storm in 1626.

A group of 25 travelers were rescued by English-speaking Nauset tribesmen who reported a shipwreck to a pilgrimage settlement in Plymouth Colony about 80km from the crash site.

“An international team of maritime archeology experts analyzed the wreck to better understand the oldest known shipwreck in English colonial America, adding new details to the fascinating story of the founding of Plymouth Colony and the arrival of European settlers in New England 400 years ago. All this is fully consistent with historical data, ”explained Donna Curtin,

In a severe storm, the Sparrow-Hawk was washed ashore, became completely unsuitable for going to sea, and therefore left to the mercy of fate by its crew.

Lost in time for almost 160 years, the ship appeared briefly in 1782, but quickly disappeared again at the behest of the tides and quicksand that kept it until 81 years later, 109 surviving logs were found on the shore – finally hitting to the museum.

Now, after four years of careful study of wood, in particular, annual rings, the sequences of which carry molds of weather conditions in certain eras and can be identified with an accuracy of up to a year using special libraries and allow determining the approximate origin of logs, scientists have come to the conclusion that the ship consisted mainly of oak and elm, grown in Great Britain at about the same time that Sparrow-Hawk was to be built.


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