Scientists have found the source of the alien signal it could be a sun-like star

(ORDO NEWS) — Nearly half a century ago, scientists discovered the “WoW” signal, which UFO enthusiasts believe is evidence of alien life. Where did he come from to earth?

This signal is still intriguing to both scientists and UFO enthusiasts. One of the amateur astronomers believes he has found a possible source.

The Wow signal was detected as part of the SETI project on the Big Ear Telescope at Ohio State University. It was incredibly strong, but very short – the signal lasted only 1 minute and 12 seconds.

After seeing a printout of the anomalous signal, astronomer Jerry Ehman, who discovered it, wrote “Wow!” (WoW) right on top of it, giving the event its current name.

Where did the “alien” signal come from

Since then, researchers have repeatedly tried to catch the same signals from the same place, but nothing like this could be noticed.

The Wow! signal most likely came from some natural event, and not from aliens, astronomers today believe. Since the signal was discovered in 1977, astronomers have ruled out several possible sources, such as a passing comet.

But amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero did not rule out the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin of this signal.

He suggested that the lack of a repeating nature of this signal could make it similar to the Arecibo message that astronomers sent into space in the last century in the hope that aliens would “catch” it.

Guided by these judgments, an amateur astronomer began to search in the area covered by the Big Ear telescope for sun-like stars. According to him, there was only one such star in that area.

This is 2MASS 19281982-2640123, located at a distance of about 1800 light years, which has a temperature, diameter and luminosity almost identical to the Sun.

While living organisms can exist in a wide variety of environments around stars completely different from ours, he chose to focus on sun-like stars because he was “searching for life as we know it.”

Well, 1800 light-years away without a warp drive, we won’t be able to test this theory. So it remains only to wait for a new “message”.


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