Scientists have found the “key” to superconductivity at room temperature: an unexpected discovery

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of international researchers have carried out research, the results of which give hope for superconductivity at room temperature. And laser pulses will help them in this.

Scientists have conducted the most complex study of the classic high-temperature superconductor YBCO – an oxide compound of yttrium, barium and copper.

Experiments have shown that, under certain conditions, unbalancing it with a laser pulse triggers the effect of superconductivity at a temperature much closer to room temperature than the researchers expected.

Another thing that remained unclear is how to continue this non-equilibrium or unstable superconducting state for long-term practical use, for example, in power lines?

People thought that despite the usefulness of such studies, they were not very promising for future applications.

But now we have shown that the fundamental physics of these unstable states is very similar to the physics of stable states, said Joon-Sik Lee, SLAC staff member and head of the international research team that conducted the research.

What does it mean

This opens up huge possibilities, including the possibility that other materials can be brought into the superconducting transition state with the help of light.

In a series of experiments, scientists have proved the identity of the physical processes of switching the YBCO material from the superconducting state to the normal one, both using a classical tool – an electromagnetic field, and using laser pulses.

This gives hope that room temperature superconductivity can be achieved using new mechanisms.


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